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Channel Goals

1- Win souls to Christ is the main goal of the channel
2- We preach all the Gospel and provide the truth of the Book in the easiest way
3- Providing advice and education to build the Christian house
4- Creating a spiritual renaissance in the life of the servants of the Lord until they perform the preaching service
5- Providing an informed and enlightened thought towards accepting the other according to Biblical Education
6- Providing Christian education for children from outside until they learn from childhood, love, mercy, and forgiveness
7-Providing cultural and social programs to develop the societies that the channel service reaches


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Channel Policy

1. Showing the love of Christ to the world
2. The acceptance of the other within the limits of what you know by the holy word
3. The separation between Christian teachings and political issues that hindered the message of Christ
4. Away from sectarian intolerance and dogmatic
5. Renounce terrorism and violence
6. The discovery of the power of spiritual gifts
7. The discovery of new servants who had no chance in the world of media

Channel Programs

Salvations programs - Educational programs - dialogue programs - Defensive programs about the book - Programs for young people - Programs for Christian children and others - Spiritual songs - Christian dramas - Programs to teach the English language to Arab immigrants to America - Social and cultural programs - Programs for family counseling and how to raise our children - Special programs for the family

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